Historic Structures Preservation in Contra Costa County
Your Society's Role in Preserving Its History in its Buildings

November 2002 Bulletin
The Contra Costa County Historical Society not only preserves the documented history of the County and its records, but also has as its other major goal the preservation of the historical architectural record of the County in the County's historic structures and sites.

In the 1960s, the Society had a role in the preservation of the County's historic structures when it was an advisory body to the County Parks & Recreation Department. With the demise of the department, our role in historic preservation recognition through County government ceased.

Now we are in the process of re-establishing our leadership role in recognizing County landmarks, using a two-pronged process. On February 13, 2002, the Board of Supervisors reestablished the Advisory Committee on Landmarks. The Society will also establish a separate committee to act as an information resource and advocate for the preservation of historically significant structures, especially those in danger of demolition. At the Board's November, 2001 meeting, the Board of Supervisors designated Board member Ray O'Brien to chair the Board's Committee on Landmarks, and seek Society members for the newly re-established Contra Costa County Historical Landmarks Advisory Committee to the Board of Supervisors. The following members of the Society were nominated by the Board of Directors to the Board of Supervisors to serve on the reestablished Landmarks Advisory Committee:

  1. Roberta Seabury of Diablo
  2. Denise Hueners of Concord
  3. Gary Label of Pleasant Hill
  4. Ray O'Brien of Bay Point

The new County Advisory Committee met for its first meeting on September 26th, and at that meeting Roberta Seabury was elected Chairperson, and Ray O'Brien Vice-Chairman.

With both of the Committees (the Society Board of Directors Committee and the Advisory Committee to the Board of Supervisors), preservation of historically significant structures within Contra Costa County will be more fully assured, and our historic buildings and sites will receive the public recognition that these structures and sites deserve so that they may be preserved for future generations.

Society Members are needed from throughout the County to serve on the Society's watchdog committee on Historic Preservation. Through this committee, the Society will be exercising its role to preserve the architectural history of the County, and will act as an advocate for historic preservation in both the unincorporated areas of the County and in cities that have less than strongly delineated protective measures to recognize and preserve historically significant structures and sites. One of the major projects for this Committee of the Board of Directors will be to update the 1986 Society survey of historic structures and sites throughout the County.

If you have expertise or experience in historic preservation, great! If you don't, but have an interest in seeing Contra Costa County's history, embodied in its historic structures and sites preserved and recognized, we want you.

Please contact the History Center if you are interested in serving on the Society's Committee or for more information on the Society's role in Landmark preservation throughout Contra Costa County.

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