Contra Costa County Historical Society Celebrates Fiftieth Anniversary

By Mary-Ellen Jones
Bulletin Editor

December 2001 Bulletin

On Thursday, November 1, 2001, over seventy-five members and guests gathered for dinner at the Holiday Inn in Concord to commemorate the first fifty years of the Contra Costa County Historical Society. Banquet arrangements were the responsibility of the 50th Anniversary Committee consisting of Frank Bray (Honorary Chair), Fran Bailey, Tony Dehaesus, Diane and Jim Donahoe, Jean Foskett, Betty and Rick Maffei, and Traci and Randy Parent.

J. S. Holliday, distinguished historian of the American West, was guest speaker. His talk, Failure Be Damned, reflected the theme of his several books and numerous other writings relating to the California Gold Rush.

To further mark the Society's golden anniversary, this issue of the Bulletin contains a message from Lucille Irish, President of the Society and one from Betty Maffei, Director of the History Center, both written especially for the program that was distributed at the anniversary banquet.

This Bulletin reprints articles written for previous issues including an account of the history of the Society, and many other articles, primarily dating to the tenure of long-time editor, Ruth Dyer. In addition, it contains names of those who came before us, community leaders and ordinary citizens who helped build the Historical Society just as they helped build Contra Costa County.

An historical service of the Contra Costa County Historical Society.

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